Trevor Allen, Equine trainer

September 18, 2019

Trevor came to the Dumb Friends League Harmony Equine Center in July 2017 and has fast become an irreplaceable part of the training team. Trevor is a man of many talents, and in addition to training horses Trevor can be seen giving tours, talking with guests in person or on the phone, behind the wheel of a tractor, in the cage of the skid-steer or out fixing fence. However, training and helping to rehabilitate horses is his number one passion. Trevor started working with horses at a very young age and in the 20 years he has spent as a professional horse trainer, Trevor has done it all from polo, to cattle horses, to ranch work. Trevor spent time working with several trainers in southern Texas where his horsemanship really grew while he was starting colts and training quality ranch horses. Some of his most satisfying experiences came during his time when his horses went from knowing very little to being sold as high quality, high priced ranch horses.

One of the most rewarding experiences Trevor has had is being able to help the horses at Harmony Equine Center. Harmony receives horses from all walks of life and at all levels of training. Part of Trevor’s job is to evaluate the horses that come in and then improve their level of training so that they can be adopted into forever homes. In the years Trevor has spent at Harmony, he has seen many of his horses go from being skinny, neglected and poorly trained to horses that are healthy, happy and excellent riding horses. He is most satisfied when he can contribute his knowledge, experience and abilities as a trainer to improve the lives of horses.

Trevor tells anyone looking to become a professional horse trainer that it is an incredibly challenging career full of ups and downs (literally!). However, with those challenges can come many rewarding experiences if you are willing to “never stop listening, never let your head get the best of you, and always stay humble and kind.”

Trevor lives out on his ranch with six horses, two of which he adopted from Harmony, and he has two Heelers named Callie and Coal.