Haley Burch, Equine trainer

September 23, 2019

The Dumb Friends League Harmony Equine Center welcomed Haley onto the team in April 2019. Since she joined, Haley has added her enthusiasm and energy to the team. She is thrilled to be working with so many different types of horses from so many different backgrounds, and she relishes the opportunity to grow in her horsemanship. Haley enjoys using her skills and experience to help rehabilitate horses and to help them find their second chance at life.

Haley’s passion for training started when she was young, growing up with a family that bred racing Quarter Horses. She bought her first horse when she was only 19 years old and took that horse to college with her. Haley studied at Lamar Community College in field of Equine Business Management and Horse Training. While working to complete her degree, Haley won Horseman of the Year at her college. During her college career, she began working at Blue Rose Ranch in Springfield, Colorado. At Blue Rose Ranch, Haley trained horses and taught youth horse camps. One of her greatest accomplishments while working at Blue Rose Ranch was competing in the Battle of the Rockies on a horse she trained named Lakota. Haley and Lakota took second in their division; fatefully defeated by Harmony head trainer, Brent on his trainee, Buddy. After the competition, Haley was offered the chance to join the Harmony team and she hasn’t looked back!

For Haley, the most challenging part of horse training is adjusting her techniques to fit each individual horse. She believes it is important to remember that no two horses are the same and you must cater your training program to fit each specific horse. Even though it is tempting to apply a one-size-fits-all approach to horse training, a good trainer can adjust and be flexible to help each horse excel in its own way. She also says that as a horse trainer you face many challenges, and it is easy to get discouraged. Haley overcomes this possible struggle by pushing past the negative with a persevering attitude and a solid work ethic. To those hoping to follow a career in horse training, Haley recommends staying strong and positive in the face of negativity and pressing on toward your personal goals.

Haley spends her time away from Harmony with her cat, Lennyn, and her two dogs, Roscoe, a Chihuahua-terrier, and Pluto, a Pitbull-Boxer.