Elizabeth Pallardy, Equine trainer

September 24, 2019

Elizabeth came to the Dumb Friends League Harmony Equine in November 2018, and the team really appreciates the punch of positivity she brings every day! Elizabeth comes from a hunter jumper background but then got into the sport of polo and started playing on her college team. In addition to playing polo, Elizabeth developed her horsemanship through colt starting, exercising racehorses on the track and rehabilitating off-track Thoroughbreds for other riding disciplines. In the heart of American horse country, she completed her degree in Equine Science and Management at the University of Kentucky. With her degree in hand, Elizabeth secured a position traveling the international polo circuit training polo ponies. Some of her proudest moments in polo include having one of her ponies play in the U.S. Open polo tournament. Also, she had several of her personally trained horses, Anchor, Dreamcatcher, and Twenty-Two, win best playing pony at a 16-goal polo tournament. The part she enjoyed most about training and preparing such high-level ponies was the all-around horsemanship and management. She enjoyed figuring out the best routines and providing top equine athletic care for each horse to help them perform at their best.

Elizabeth says she grew the most as a horsewoman when she managed a 300-horse polo operation with international level riders, which forced her to develop new techniques and think outside the box when training that many individual animals, each with their own quirks and personalities. In that position, she also gained experience in equine business management, equine sports medicine and people management. Throughout her career, Elizabeth said it is important to take advice from everyone and then practice what works best for you. Elizabeth believes you always must keep growing and asking questions, never get to a point where you think you have it all figured out and try to avoid the idea that one training style is best for every horse.

Elizabeth enjoys working at Harmony for many reasons. She takes great pleasure in watching horses go from shy and untrusting to learning how to trust in people again as their leaders. For Elizabeth, It is a rewarding experience to watch a horse slowly gain confidence after coming into Harmony scared and worried. Elizabeth works especially hard to help her horses gain trust in her and gain confidence so that they can go on to their next home as well-adjusted and well-trained horses.

At home on her ranch, Elizabeth surrounds herself with her animals. When she is not training her Harmony horses, she is working with any one of her own seven horses. She also has seven cows, 15 chickens and two cats. Her dogs Mufasa (Great Dane), Duke (St. Bernard/Black Lab), and Who-Who (St. Bernard) all keep her company as she goes about managing her ranch.