Cori Hoody, Equine Trainer

A horse enthusiast since the age of 5, Cori Hoody wears many hats at the Harmony Equine Center, where she not only trains horses, leads clinics and gives riding lessons, but meets with prospective adopters to help them find the perfect horse for their lifestyle, experience and needs.

Cori’s 20-plus years of experience with horses includes competing in 4-H horse shows as a youth, training horses to work with cancer patients and children with disabilities at a therapeutic riding center, earning a bachelor’s degree in equine science from Colorado State University and working as assistant trainer for Chapman Performance Horses, where she trained reining horses.

Says Cori, “The greatest reward of working at Harmony is watching the transformation of these horses. Whether they come to us scared, defensive, or just unfamiliar with being handled, we can help them become more self-assured and prepare them to be ridden. Being able to gain their confidence and trust over time is very rewarding, and to see them get loaded up in a trailer and head off to a good home is icing on the cake.”