Brent Winston, Harmony Equine Center Head Trainer

June 23, 2017

Head Trainer Brent Winston oversees the Harmony Equine Center’s training program, working with team members to create individualized training programs for each horse. Brent grew up riding horses and for his tenth birthday was given a horse of his own to train. While in college, he met horse trainer Johnny Leverett, who inspired him to pursue horsemanship at a higher level. Ever since that encounter, Brent has been on a quest to learn as much as he can and help as many horses and people as he can.

“My biggest challenge is un-teaching a horse that has learned the wrong thing and setting it on a more successful path,” he says. “For a while the horses are very confused, and I really feel for them as they are learning.” Brent enjoys seeing the mental and physical changes in the horses as they progress and learn to interact with their adopters, even though there have been more than a few emotional goodbyes. “When the horses get in their trailers to go to a new home, I always tell them, ‘Good for you; go be great,’” he says.