New ranch + two horses = changed life

January 12, 2018

In July 2017, Alex and Kim B. decided to ditch their downtown Denver residence next to Coors Field for a new life on a ranch outside Golden, Colo. Their “deliberate personal transformation” has led to the loss of 40 pounds by Alex, a self-described “city slicker,” and the gain of two horses, Foxy and Hattie, adopted from the Dumb Friends League Harmony Equine Center.

Alex and Kim were looking for “first-timer” horses to ride on their new ranch and the surrounding trails. After first searching for horses through private sales, Alex and Kim realized they needed help in making their selections. They also learned about the need for homes for rescue horses. Says Alex, “I looked at the Dumb Friends website to see if they adopted horses, and sure enough, Harmony came into view. The Dumb Friends League connection was very important to our decision to adopt from Harmony, as it was an instant message of integrity, care and trust.”

Upon visiting Harmony, Alex says, “Their focus on making the right match was immediately attractive to us. I’m a big guy, so I liked Foxy’s size. Kim was drawn to Hattie right away when she came to the fence to say hello. That said, we liked a number of horses. The best part was that Cori [a Harmony trainer] emphasized fit vs. like. Her advice was awesome and sincere. The horses and the superb adoption process added substantially to our confidence in the decision.

“New things are scary, especially when they are 1,200 pounds,” says Alex. “Brent, Trevor, Cori, Meagan and the team went above and beyond to give us the confidence we needed to succeed. Harmony’s people are exceptional. I know Harmony does great things for horses, but I think they also do wonderful things for people. Harmony changed my life, and I don’t say that lightly.”

Adds Alex, “We love Hattie and Foxy as specimens of western elegance in our pastures, and we love trail riding. I am already bothering Trevor and Brent for two more horses for family rides. The horses won the lottery by going to Harmony, and I have great satisfaction in seeing that continue.”