Moxie the mini horse matches her name

January 10, 2019

One year ago, I bought a silly 15-year-old miniature horse from a family up in Hudson. This little gelding has been a joy for the past year. My grandkids have all taken fun rides on Rascal, and I have spent hours grooming and loving on him. Occasionally, over the past year, I have wished that I had a little buddy for him. I figured that if I was supposed to have a second little horse, the opportunity would present itself to me some day. Putting my name on the waiting list for a mini was a “just in case” kind of move.

I’ve been volunteering at the Dumb Friends League Harmony Equine Center for quite a few years now and really enjoy seeing all the horses that come in and that go out to new homes. There are been a few miniature horses come through the door at Harmony, and I have spent time with them, loved on them and wished them well in their new homes. Then, it happened. A couple of months ago, I saw that three minis had been brought in through owner relinquishment.

I spotted a pretty little mare and started talking to her over the fence. I went in to her pen and moved slowly toward her while still talking gently. She popped her head up and looked over at me with her big, brown eyes. When she stepped toward me and allowed me to pet her, I was already rehearsing the phone call that I would be making to my husband. (He has received numerous calls from me concerning Dumb Friends League animals—dogs, cats, guinea pigs, rats, etc.)

This beautiful girl was named Sprite by the Harmony staff. I spent time with her in the arena during my training sessions. She was very fearful of other people, vehicles and noises, but she made huge strides as we worked together. I even tried out some driving commands with her, and she responded to them. It was truly a love fest. The adoption was finalized.

One of my fellow volunteers at Harmony volunteered her large horse trailer and truck to deliver Sprite to Chatfield Stables where I board Rascal. It was quite a surprise when this big, beautiful trailer pulled up and this miniature horse stepped out! She strutted out, and I knew her new name perfectly suited her—Moxie. Rascal and Moxie spent a week in adjoining pens to get acquainted. When I put them together, Rascal gave one half-hearted kick. Moxie turned around a returned one half-hearted kick.

Now, their May/December friendship has been sealed. I feel so fortunate that this beautiful little girl has come into my life. She is sweet and brave and has started to really display her spunky side! I’m planning on driving my little team next spring so we’re working on preliminary skills. If you’re ever in Chatfield State Park and you see a crazy lady walking her two miniature horses, be sure to stop and say, “Hi.”

– Deb Greiner, Harmony Equine Center volunteer