Mini-horses living large

January 12, 2018

Annie R. of Grand Junction, Colo., has loved ponies and small animals her whole life, so she couldn’t resist the chance to adopt a pair of miniature horses from the Harmony Equine Center in October 2017.

Anna, a 4-year-old miniature palomino, is 32 inches tall and weighs 172 pounds. Zoe is a 6-year-old buckskin who—at 33.5 inches—towers over her tiny companion. Anna and Zoe were among 35 neglected miniature horses rescued by the Houston SPCA in August and transferred to Harmony for care last fall. As of late December, 28 of the mini-horses had found homes.

Anna and Zoe now live on a farm that they share with llamas, goats, dogs, a donkey and typical-size horses. The two minis are best friends and play with each other every morning. They eat with the dogs and goats, and have even become friends with the llamas.

Says Annie, “Anna and Zoe didn’t have much handling or training when I adopted them, so they’re still hard to catch. They get a lot of exercise running away from me, and then when they get tired, I catch them. But they’re really good about being clipped and brushed, and getting their feet picked.”

Annie takes Zoe and Anna on hikes in the desert landscape east of Grand Junction, where they follow behind as she rides her horse. “There are rocks and ledges in places, but the minis quickly learned to navigate the terrain. They actually stop and think about it. They’re very smart and level headed, and they don’t even startle when mountain bikers go zooming by. Anna and Zoe are a lot of fun, and I’m so glad I adopted two of them.”