It takes all kinds

June 3, 2019

At the Dumb Friends League Harmony Equine Center, we receive all kinds of horses and other equines. They come to us with different histories, temperaments, strengths and areas for improvement. That’s why our trainers take the time to get to know each horse as an individual. This approach allows us to ensure that we find the perfect adopter for each horse’s unique personality! Read on for some recent adoption stories to learn about all the different types of horses we see at Harmony, and how they’re evaluated and matched with adopters

Pete goes home

Pete is a 7-year-old pinto gelding with a mellow, easy going nature. He first came to the Harmony Equine Center as a transfer from the Colorado Horse Rescue Network. The Harmony Equine Center occasionally accepts horses from other equine welfare organizations because we can provide professional training and resources that may not be available elsewhere. Once Pete arrived, he was evaluated by one of the staff trainers, and his strengths and weaknesses were determined. He was then started in the training program where trainers worked to improve his weaknesses in riding and ground manners in order to get him ready for adoption. Pete thrived in his training and caught the interest of a gentleman named Dan. Dan was looking for a horse with the right mind to go out on trails and just be a buddy he could dote on. Dan found his match in Pete, and after three lessons with a Harmony trainer, Dan took Pete home!

Amigo finds his family

Amigo is a tall, stunning palomino gelding. He is considered to be an equine senior at age 23, but his personality would fool you. As his name suggests, Amigo is extremely affectionate, greeting people in his pasture and investigating them for treats. Amigo found his way to the Harmony Equine Center as an owner surrender. When Amigo arrived, he was evaluated by a staff trainer who was excited to find that Amigo was a Riding Level 5. (All the adoptable horses at Harmony are assigned with a riding level from one to five, and you can learn more about our riding levels here. A Riding Level 1 is a horse that has just learned what a saddle is and has carried a rider only a handful of times. A Riding Level 5 horse is well trained and takes care of their rider. These horses are forgiving of inexperienced riders and are calm, brave and unlikely to spook.) The Harmony equine trainers work hard to try to make every horse as close to a Riding Level 5 as possible, because this is the most desirable level of training for a horse. When Amigo was determined to be a Riding Level 5, he was matched with Heather by our training staff. Heather had been patiently waiting for the right horse for her family. She grew up riding horses and wanted her grandchildren to learn to ride as well. Heather and her grandchildren took three lessons on Amigo, including grooming and handling, in addition to riding. Heather’s grandchildren fell in love with the friendly horse, and they were thrilled to bring him home as a new member of their family.

Lovely Larry

At 15 years old, Larry is a striking sorrel gelding who came to the Harmony Equine Center as part of an animal cruelty law enforcement case. Larry needed to gain weight and was in poor health. Soon after he arrived at Harmony, Larry received a devastating diagnosis of cancer. After an examination and a biopsy by the Colorado State University (CSU) veterinary team, it was determined that Larry needed surgery. Thanks to the skilled veterinarians at CSU Larry made a full recovery and was soon back at Harmony where he continued to rest and get stronger. Healthy and 200 pounds heavier, Larry was evaluated and identified as a riding horse. It turned out that Larry was a calm, reliable horse and was put up for adoption. Not long after, Miriam fell in love with Larry and his story. She was looking for a trustworthy trail horse for leisurely trail rides for her and her family. Miriam’s love for Larry was confirmed in her three lessons at Harmony.  This horse with a special story found a special place in the heart of his new family!

Windy is a fit

Windy is an athletic little bay mare about 15 years old. Rumor has it she got her name from how she likes to snort and blow when she is ridden around the arena! Windy found her way to the Harmony Equine Center as an owner surrender. Windy was evaluated by the head trainer, Brent Winston, and she immediately captured his attention with her intelligence, physical ability and willingness to learn. Brent worked with Windy to bring out her good qualities and to overcome her anxiety and insecurity. As Windy improved and gained confidence, she was matched to a couple interested in a horse for ranch work but also a horse that could be trusted to improve the riding skills for new owner Britiny. Windy was the perfect fit! It was all smiles when Britiny took Windy home, and she looked forward to gaining Windy’s trust and growing in confidence together with her!

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