A great week at Harmony

September 27, 2017

We had a really good week at Harmony this week, we had three horses find new homes.

Brienne, also known as Bri, a big 18 year old red roan.  She was part of our Watershed program from Colorado Horse Rescue Network (CHRN).  She came to the Harmony Equine Center pretty heavy and overweight, and during her time at Harmony she lost almost 200lbs.  She was adopted by Jennifer J. who  is very excited to start working with her on some dressage and doing some trail riding.

Cinnamon, a big beautiful sorrel paint mare, and also came from CHRN.  She is a 20 year old mare who was adopted by Jamie R., who also adopted Denali from Harmony back in July.  Jamie adopted Cinnamon as a companion horse for Denali and to start riding around her property with her family.  She also wants to her son and daughter to grow up with horses.

Thrain, is a cute little 2 year old bay roan gelding, from CHRN.  He was adopted by Julie B., who adopted Thrain for her daughter to ride and grow up with. The family will all be a part of training and caring for Thrain as he grows and learns.