It takes two

Zakara and Salsa are two horses, who arrived at the Harmony Equine Center from different backgrounds but with all too familiar circumstances. Both horses came to us from different neglect cases, both underweight, both scared and both in desperate need of a second chance at a new life. And, it was at Harmony that these […]

Small in Stature, Large in Love

Cindy Hoeft had never owned a donkey. A volunteer at the Harmony Equine Center, Cindy met Gerald, a miniature, after he was neglected and transferred to the facility with a group of horses. “The first time I met him he just melted my heart,” she says. These small donkeys can weigh up to 350 pounds […]

One horse, one donkey and one happy family

Have you ever seen a horse smile? When Laura, Keith and their two boys came to the Harmony Equine Center in search of a “never-could-be-replaced ‘replacement’ horse,” that’s just what they saw. Laura and Keith’s 11 and 7-year-old sons have quarter horses that they have been riding since they were about 4 years old. The […]

A Horse’s Journey at the Harmony Equine Center

Watch our video about a horse’s journey at the Harmony Equine Center. From veterinary care and nourishing feed to training and matching a horse with the right adopter, we’re there every step of the way.

Mini-horses busy building human–animal bond

Bonding with an animal is incredible. The unconditional love and trust we humans receive is unlike anything else and brings such joy to those who are fortunate enough to experience it with their animal companion. For adopter Laura M., that bond was just what she was looking for. To say Laura is compassionate is an […]

Marcy and Ellie

Ellie, a miniature donkey from a law enforcement case, and Marcy, a sorrel miniature horse from Houston, found the right home earlier this month with Kim and Sylvie! Marcy wasn’t halter trained and didn’t trust humans when she arrived in November, and our trainers worked with her every day for months. Today Marcy is able […]

Mini-horses living large

Annie R. of Grand Junction, Colo., has loved ponies and small animals her whole life, so she couldn’t resist the chance to adopt a pair of miniature horses from the Harmony Equine Center in October 2017. Anna, a 4-year-old miniature palomino, is 32 inches tall and weighs 172 pounds. Zoe is a 6-year-old buckskin who—at […]

New ranch + two horses = changed life

In July 2017, Alex and Kim B. decided to ditch their downtown Denver residence next to Coors Field for a new life on a ranch outside Golden, Colo. Their “deliberate personal transformation” has led to the loss of 40 pounds by Alex, a self-described “city slicker,” and the gain of two horses, Foxy and Hattie, […]

Two horses, one happy ending

Seized by Jefferson County Animal Control in January 2017 as part of a cruelty case, Moe, a 13-year-old mustang gelding, was in poor condition and distrustful of humans. Spooky and insecure when he was first transferred to the Dumb Friends League Harmony Equine Center, Moe spent more than seven months in our care. After putting […]

A great week at Harmony

We had a really good week at Harmony this week, we had three horses find new homes. Brienne, also known as Bri, a big 18 year old red roan.  She was part of our Watershed program from Colorado Horse Rescue Network (CHRN).  She came to the Harmony Equine Center pretty heavy and overweight, and during […]