Kids Bring Compassion to Harmony Equine Center

June 30, 2017

At Larkspur Elementary, the kids learn kindness—and they teach it.

Students at the Larkspur, Colo., school are part of a program to focus on and help inspire positive behavior, and each grade is in charge of teaching the entire school about its part of the program.

The second- and third-graders’ project focused on kindness and giving back to the community. After hearing their teacher, Kelly Parsons, talk about her own involvement with the Dumb Friends League Harmony Equine Center™, they chose to incorporate Harmony into their project.

At a schoolwide assembly, the group presented a slideshow with videos and photos from Harmony, but their hard work went beyond education. Not content to just talk about the Harmony Equine Center, they put together a donation drive to help the formerly abused and neglected horses there and raised nearly $500! They used the money to buy several items that the center needed for the horses, and then the class took a field trip to the center, which is located near Franktown, Colo. In addition to delivering their donations, the students got the chance to see how the Harmony Equine Center works, meet the horses they were helping and see their kindness in action.

According to Parsons, “Through helping others in need, the kids truly learned compassion, collaboration and how acts of kindness can change the lives of others.”

We couldn’t be more thankful for these enterprising and compassionate children!