Companion Horse Finds a New Home

February 9, 2018

The rescue organization that transferred 2-year-old Melissa to Harmony Equine Center said she was hard to catch and that their staff couldn’t get a halter on her.

That was over 400 days ago.

We immediately went to work with Melissa in the intake pen. By slowly gaining her trust, we had her haltered and leading around in a single session.

Our skilled staff also noticed that she had suffered a major injury to her pastern (ankle) in the past that had never been treated.

Normally, horses that come in through other rescues stay for up to 90 days of training, but we offered to keep Melissa longer to try to address her previous injury.

More than just a companion horse

Over the next few months, we worked closely with a farrier on Melissa’s pastern. In the course of her rehabilitation, we gave her a special shoe designed to gently straighten out her foot.

While she’ll never be rideable because of the injury, we were able to make her pasture sound and ready for potential adoption as a companion horse.

And while she waited at Harmony, given how willing to learn she had been, Melissa ended up teaching volunteers how to approach, catch and lead horses. For over six months, she was a total hit with all of the shelter’s volunteers.

Melissa meets Jan

Eventually, Melissa did catch an adopter’s eye. Jan K. visited Harmony in January looking for a companion horse for the horse she had at home.

After looking at a couple horses, Jan came across Melissa, and thought her friendly personality could make her a good match.

When we let Jan know about the horse’s history and injury, she decided to hire her own veterinarian to make sure Melissa’s leg would hold up in the future. Looking at X-rays of the joint, the veterinarian was amazed at how well she’d healed and had no reservations about her being a great companion for years to come.

So, after 415 days that included healing, being trained and helping to train volunteers, earlier this month Melissa headed off to her new home.