Trainer’s Tip: Using Your Space

March 7, 2019

by Brent Winston, head trainer, Harmony Equine Center Hello again! I hope everyone is staying warm and safe out there playing with horses. With the addition of the Dumb Friends League Harmony Equine Center’s owner surrender program, we have been busy evaluating and training horses. One problem that we’re seeing more often is the horses […]

Is it best to blanket your horse?

December 11, 2018

When it comes to blanketing your horse, there are several factors to consider. Regardless if you are going to blanket or not, horses should always have access to adequate shelter, food and drinking water. According to veterinarian Dr. Luke Bass, a horse’s need to be blanketed is dependent on many different factors–how cold is it […]

Trainer’s Tip: Overcoming buddy sour behavior

November 21, 2018

Hello again, as summer winds down and we approach the fall I hope everyone has had a great few months riding. We have been very busy at the Harmony Equine Center bringing horses in and working with them before sending them out. We have seen a wide variety of horses of all different breeds and […]

Horse Ownership 101

August 22, 2018

Learn equine terminology and understand the basics of horse ownership in this presentation from our Harmony Equine Center experts. Our trainers will walk your through all you need to know to set yourself up for success when considering adopting a new horse. Download presentation.

Trainer’s Tip: Looking to lead

July 13, 2018

by Brent Winston, head trainer, Harmony Equine Center Hello again! I hope everyone is enjoying the beginning of summer and having a chance to get out and enjoy their animals. With the arrival of spring and summer, we have been working with a lot of young horses at the Harmony Equine Center. One of the […]

Selecting the Right Horse

June 15, 2018

Thinking about purchasing or adopting a horse but not sure how to choose the perfect fit for you? Check out this presentation from our 2018 Harmony Horse Expo on selecting the right horse. Our trainers offer tips on how to ensure that the horse you take home that suits with your needs and lifestyle. Download […]

Trainer’s Tip: Riding with confidence

April 10, 2018

by Brent Winston, head trainer, Harmony Equine Center Well, it’s that time of year again! Mother Nature starts to tease us with some very tempting weather, telling us to start getting ready for the summer riding season. We also just wrapped up a great weekend at the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo. It was a blast […]

Trainer’s Tip: Staying balanced

January 12, 2018

by Brent Winston, head trainer, Harmony Equine Center Last year, the staff here at Harmony had the opportunity to ride many different horses that came to the center for rehabilitation and training, and to help a lot of people who adopted those horses learn to ride. And while we rode horses of different breeds, personalities, […]

Round-pen basics

October 9, 2017

by Brent Winston, head trainer, Harmony Equine Center Often when I’m asked to help someone who is having an issue with his horse, I find that the problem originated on the ground and the symptoms are coming out in the saddle. In most cases, it boils down to the simple fact that our horses just […]

Standing Tied

July 11, 2017

by Brent Winston, trainer, Harmony Equine Center As I have been out riding this summer, I have noticed that a lot of people struggle with some of the same issues I used to struggle with. One of those issues is standing tied. It’s not uncommon for horses to pull back while standing tied, whether at […]