Additional Presenting Clinicians

CSU Temple Grandin Equine Center

There are many conditions of mind and body that can be treated by Animal-human interaction. At Colorado State University, we aspire to create a new home for equine-assisted activities and therapies, a place where individuals with physical, emotional, and developmental challenges can heal, where therapists can treat, where students can learn, and where scientists can research.

Devin Warren

Five time World Champion Devin Warren has over 20 years experience as a horse trainer, breeder and showman. Devin can create a program custom tailored to meet your specific goals. Whether you’re an owner looking for a world champion rider to train and show your horse, it’s your first time in the show pen, or you’re a seasoned Non Pro, we want you to succeed. Our goal is to bring out the best in horse and rider.

Jessica Dabkowski

Jessica earned an Equine Science degree from CSU and have been training horses and teaching people professionally for 15 years. She has a passion for working with mustangs and have competed in 15 Extreme Mustang Makeovers, with over $35k in winnings. With her horses she focuses is building a solid foundation of trust and willingness on the ground through a variety of tools such as liberty work. With clients and students, Jessica helps them to have a better understanding of their horse and how to improve their overall relationship with their horse in order to solve or avoid problems. In recent years, began using more liberty work on the ground and found it’s an invaluable tool for reactive, worried, fearful, or disconnected horses. Jessica lives in Laporte, CO and travel across the Front Range for lessons/training sessions and clinics. You can follow her on

Cody Harrison

Cody Harrison’s knowledge and understanding of equine development, horse bio-mechanics and horse and rider movement allow him to work with horses of all ages. He is a talented riding instructor with a goal to teach riding skills that enhance the student’s equestrian experience and performance with their horse. Cody Harrison excels at teaching his students basic riding skills as well as advanced skills including Dressage, Jumping, and Western disciplines. Cody Harrison believes that as a horse trainer and horse owner, we must always be trying to better the health, fitness, and longevity of our horse’s life and career. We achieve this by reducing mental and physical stress for both horse and rider to a minimum. Relaxation allows for a more efficient and better learning environment. We must work with the anatomy of both horse and rider to keep them in balance and relaxed which allows for all effort to be used for positive movement rather than wasting energy from tension. It is equally important to know the horse’s limitations, so we do not ask for more than the horse is capable. You must allow the horse time to understand what it is being asked of him yet at the same time know when to push.

Cody focuses on lightness, mental and physical balance, basic horsemanship knowledge, and safety in lessons and works with client’s horses providing daily training reinforcing his methods of gentle, yet effective consistent horse training. Regardless of the discipline of the rider, it is necessary to have proper understanding and a good mindset.

Jason Patrick

A lifetime of training horses has taken Jason on a journey from being a ranch cowboy, to a colt starting specialist, to a leading performance horse trainer. Jason has won money in everything from Ranch Rodeos and Colt Starting Competitions, to the highest levels of NRCHA and AQHA performance competitions. Today Jason and his entire family compete, raise, and train performance horses that are shown in events across the country with the majority being showing as Reined Cowhorses.

Steve Sward

Steve grew up in the Nebraska Sandhills ranching and cowboying. Started riding colts for neighboring ranchers at the age of 15 and have since started 1,800 plus colts. When he was in high school he hung around cutting horse trainers and began his journey as a horseman.

After high school Steve attended the Oklahoma Horseshoeing College in Sperry Oklahoma.

Steve prides himself in being a well-rounded student of the horse and horsemanship. Attending clinics in everything from Ray Hunt colt starting and horsemanship classes to western dressage. He trained and competed in colt starting, cutting, ranch horse versatility, reining, ranch horse pleasure, trail, team roping, racing, trail obstacle, and extreme mustang makeover. “I’ve been blessed with numerous wins and awards but the greatest reward that I’ve gotten in life is to have gotten to ride a lot great horses and had clients, family, and friends who have been there for me.”

Ty Weber

Ty Weber was born and raised in a cattle ranching family. He has started colts, ridden horses for the public, and trained ranch horses for 30 years. He enjoys competing in ranch roping and training all around, versatile horses using vaquero traditions and modern horsemanship.

Iron Horse Equine Medical & Surgical Service

Iron Horse Equine Medical & Surgical Service: Veterinary practice dedicated to the horse and those that love them. A comprehensive, multi-doctor, full service equine medical and surgical veterinary practice located in the heart of Colorado horse country, servicing Douglas and Elbert Counties. Raising the bar of excellence, Iron Horse Equine provides the highest level of individualized patient care with empathy and compassion. Offering a hospital location and ambulatory service with 24/7 emergency care.

Dr. Loparco

Dr. Loparco has been in Chiropractic Practice for over 20 yrs in Colorado Springs, CO. He is a graduate of Springfield College in Springfield, MA, where he played the sport Rugby for 4 yrs. It was due to an injury then that he was first introduced to the Chiropractic profession. After graduating and working in NY City for 1 year running NY Telephone’s Corporate Fitness Program, he decided to go to Chiropractic School at Life Chiropractic in Marietta, GA.

During his studies at Springfield College, he also had joined the United States Marine Corps. He continued in the USMC Reserves when going through Chiropractic School and received an Honorable Discharge. Upon graduation from Chiropractic School, he decided to move out west to Colorado. His passion for People, Sports and the Armed Forces made Colorado Springs, CO a logical choice. He has worked with many Servicemen/women, Vets and Wounded Warriors since.

His passion for Chiropractic is always growing. Since his wife and children started to get into horseback riding he saw “the need” for Animal Chiropractic as well. He decided to go back to school for Animal Chiropractic through ACES, in Meridian, TX. Upon graduating ACES, he sat for the AVCA (American Veterinarian Chiropractic Association) Board Certification. Dr. Loparco is a licensed and AVCA Board Certified Animal Chiropractor in the State of Colorado. He lives on a small farm with his wife and three children with 4 horses, 3 dogs, 3 cats and 2 guinea pigs that are all well-adjusted.